Insurance Testing information

  • 1. How to Test:
    • a. Schedule your exam before you come to class for 1 -3 days after class. See where you need to go and how long the wait is for the next available test date. You don’t want to be ready for testing and not have a date available for another week. Go to or phone 888-754-7667 to schedule your exam. Fingerprinting; if you are applying for your first insurance license. Go to called Safran or phone 888-467-2080.
    • b. You do not need to be fingerprinted before you test.
    • c. Arrive at least 30 minutes early so you are not worried about missing the exam.
    • d. Bring the required form of ID as required by testing center (see website: or phone 888-754-7667)
    • e. For most of you the license to sign up for will be these. Please check with your company before you select the license exam.
      • 1.General Lines Life, Accident and Health (Ins TX-LAH05)
      • 2.General Lines Property & Casualty (Ins TX PC06)
    • f. When you are seated you will have a sheet and marker pen. Before beginning test write down on the sheet things you want to remember and refer to during test.
    • g. Read the whole question and all answers carefully. Don’t assume you know what they are asking for.
      • 1. Be aware of words such as: NEVER, ALWAYS, ONLY, and EXCEPT
    • h. Use the process of elimination – Eliminate the answers you know are wrong and then select the BEST answer.
    • i. NEVER change your first choice unless you are absolutely sure it is wrong.

Applying for your license:

Licensing Services
All Candidates must submit a completed application within one year of passing their exam.  Applications can submit a paper application (481 KB pdf) and send it to the address below.  Applicants may also submit applications online for certain license types at

Pearson VUE / DataStream Technologies
Attn: Texas Insurance License Application
18568 Forty Six Parkway, Suite 2001
Spring Branch, TX 78070
(888) 325-6580
Candidates may contact the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) with questions about maintaining a license after the license has been issued.
333 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512) 676-6500
Fax: (512) 490-1029