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I passed my test with an 88 two days after I took your class. If I hadn't had yours, and Chris', tutelage I don't believe I would have passed! Thank y'all so much for being awesome teachers, and God bless y'all! Oh, and everything you taught is on the test, there were only a few questions that I could not remember, so y'all are teaching the correct material.
Lydia G
Sales / State Farm
Hi David, I took my test and I passed with a 92%. I felt very prepared by your class. Thank you for your class and support. Bryan B
Bryan B
David I appreciate the great job you and Chris did to get me prepared for the test. I took the test this morning and passed with an 85. Now I understand why my agency insisted that I take your class. Tomorrow is my first day with Allstate. Thanks again Jose S
Jose S
Sales and Service / Allstate
Thank you David! I passed the test today with an 85%. You and Chris are great instructors and I am honored to have learned from you two!
Erin A
Sales and Service / State Farm
Good Morning😇 This morning I successfully passed the Health/Life Exam. I want give a special shout to the Dynamic Dou! Couldn’t have done it without you guys. God Bless & Continued Success😊 Yvonne O
Yvonne O.
Sales / None
Hey David I just wanted to thank y’all for all the amazing teaching that you both do. Thanks to the WEBINAR course, the study material, your teaching, and the tricks provided I passed my Life & Health exam yesterday!!!!! Thank you again! Desirae I
Desirae I
Sales and Service / State Farm
I started with my agent on July 2nd knowing nothing about insurance, just willing to learn. I took your webinar class on July 10-11 and my P&C exam on the 18th of July and passed. I couldn’t have done it without your class. I told my agent, when it comes time for Life and Health, I’m going to do the webinar because it helps so much! Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!
Desirae I
Sales and Service / State Farm
Hello David, First I would like to thank you for such a great Life & Health licensing class, I must say it was worth every penny invested. I would also like to let you know that I passed the exam! Also looking forward on your online FINRA classes in the near future. Thanks, Ivan
I Ramirez
Sales / Mass Mutual
Good evening David, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you all! I took my exam today and passed and I know it's because of your class.The textbook and the practice exams were a big help! The practice exam was a bit harder than the actual exam, but it was great because it pushed me to thoroughly learn all the material! I'm so thankful I was able to get a score of 84 my first time taking this exam with no insurance background and I owe it all to you guys! Thanks so much again!! Sincerely, Gladyss D
Gladyss D
Sales and Service / Allstate
I would like to thank you and Chris for everything that the both of you had to offer me in class! I took my test tonight in Waco and I was successful in passing!! I will most definitely recommend your class to everyone. Best regards, Meagan S
Meagan S
Sales and Service / State Farm
I wanted to thank you for the training you gave me during the Webinar Class of 12/27/17. I took my exam today and I PASSED with a score of 81. I never would have passed the first time nor made a score of 81 without the class. Thank You Nickie
Nickie D
Sales / Rhodes
Thank you guys so much. I passed my test. I can honestly say it was a lot of material that we covered in class, there was a lot of questions that we reviewed also. It was really tricky but Overall not so bad. I will definitely see y’all soon for my life class.
Margarita S
Sales and Service / State Farm
Oh man, I would have never made it without y'all. I passed the test with an 84. The questions were very tricky. Again, I truly truly appreciate your teaching. You guys were entertaining and I enjoyed myself. Sincerely, VeraLynn
Sales / Penn Global Marketing
Hey David I just wanted to let you know I passed the test on the first try. I couldn't have done it with out your class. Thank you Jonathann
Jonathann R
I took my test yesterday and scored an 85. I found the test quite challenging. But, I felt very prepared. I believe I would have scored better had i tested closer to the class date. I read the course book cover to cover twice since class and before the exam. I entered the test center about 5:10p or so. I was in my car headed home by 6:25p. The most challenging part to me was having to read the question several times to be clear on what they were asking. I don't have recollection of any questions verbatim but there were a SIGNIFICANT number of questions on Disability Income policies and Medicare. One question which stuck out in my mind required you to know the difference between "coercion" and "intimidation". The wording made it seem as if either answer could have been correct. There were a couple of questions on MIB, and a couple on MEC. I only remember 2 math questions. But every aspect of Medicare seemed to be tested. Specifics on coverages and eligibility were asked on about 10 different questions. There were also quite a few questions on Workers Compensation. I found the test exactly as you said it would be without exception. I felt comfortable with my knowledge base because of your class. I will recommend your school highly. Thank you so very much, Thomas
Thomas C
Sales / US Health Advisors
I just wanted to let you know that I passed my P&C exam with an 86! I felt that taking the P&C class helped tremendously and I felt very confident going into the exam. I felt the prep questions were much tougher than the questions on the exam but that's a good thing! I was very well prepared and it paid off! Thank you for all of your guidance in class and I owe my success to such great teachers! Sincerely, Kara
Kara F
Sales and Service / State Farm
Thanks a lot for the impartation of knowledge. I made use of what you thought and passed the test. Once more I say thank you. May God bless you and your brother.
Steve A.
Sales / American National
I took the test Thursday and scored 86%. The class did an excellent job of preparing me to take it. There were a handful of questions that I was not familiar with, but I assume the actual exam is a dynamic and evolutionary process, so that is understandable. Otherwise, it was very close to what we covered in class. I completed the exam in just over an hour. Thanks for preparing me to get my P&C certification. I look forward to returning for Life & Health soon. Regards, Bob
Sales / Jones & Associates Independent Agency
Just wanted to let you know I passed my test today!! Thank you so much for all your help! It was the class for sure!!! Leah
Leah S
Sales and Service / Germania
Passed the test yesterday afternoon with an 84. Thomas
Sales / Final Expense Direct
I really enjoyed your class. I got a final score of 87. I would have liked to have gotten a higher score but I think I got tripped up with thinking in the sense of Liberty Mutual world vs General TX. I did get a higher score than my previous Life exam, so I’m happy. Pretty much everything we went over was on the test in one shape, form or fashion, so I was very prepared. Thank you once again. Sincerely, Personal Sales Agent NaTosha
Sales / Liberty Mutual
I only got a 93 on the exam. Thanks! Your class is well worth it! Shelly W
Shelly W
Sales / US Health Advisors
Thank you for all of your help preparing for this test! I just wanted to let you know that I passed with an 85% and the class is a huge reason for that. Thank you, Crystal L
Crystal L
Sales and Service / Jones & Associates Independent Agency
I wanted to let you know I passed my P&C test with a score 86! Thank you so much for your help. The classes were definitely a huge help and also taking the practice exam helped me a lot. See you in class later this month! Andrew S
Andrew S
Sales / State Farm
I wanted to let you know that I passed my test! Your class was very informative and even though I've completed this process in a matter of 3 days (class & testing) I felt that I was well prepared to take this exam. The test was actually more difficult then I intended but all is well. Thanks again, and when I get my Life & Health you can count on me to take your class again! Regards, Andrew T
Andrew T
Sales / State Farm
I Just wanted to Thank you for all your help in getting me thru the Insurance Exam Yes I did pass with a 90 Regards J M Knight
J M Knight
Sales / US Health Advisors
I just want to thank you for making the class fun and enjoyable. It really does help a lot. I scored 85 on the life/ health exam and the practice questions from the class and the scenarios you presented were on the test.
Adrian P
Sales / State Farm
The test was easy once you narrow the choices down to 2. I felt very confident on the State Law part of the test. There was not one question on that part that we did no cover in class. I was finished within an hour of starting it. Thanks, Carlie M
Carlie M
Sales / Texas Financial
I would like to let you know that I passed my life and health exam as of April 22!!!! Thank you for everything!
SHanecia T
Sales and Management
I wish to let you know that I took the license test today and scored 96%. Thank you so much for the way you guys taught us. regards Thomas
Thomas E
April 24, 2017 First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you, to Insurance School of Texas and the teacher who were spending her time to provide us with insurance knowledge. It was quite pleasure and helpful for me to participate 2 training classes from Insurance School of Texas in March and April, 2017 for Life & Health Insurance and P&C one as well. I took my examinations after classes and luckily passed both exams at the first times (Life & Health Insurance Exam on March 16 and Property & Casualty Exam on April, 2017). With a new comer in insurance industry and also a new immigrant to US recently, my knowledge in insurance and also language before class attending are quite limited. However, thanks to the class and materials from you, I finally could pass the tests at the first times and have some knowledge to start my career as a professional insurance staff now. Anyhow, if the students dedicate their time for 2 days in class to understand the material in the books and spend enough time to do all the quizzes provided by Insurance School and Texas, the can pass the test in the first time. Once again, thanks a lot for your kind support and wish all success for both Insurance School of Texas and your students as well. Kind regards, Huong
Huong N
Sales and Service / Farmers
April 24, 2017 Thank you so much for sending this along. I did take my test Saturday afternoon and passed! I appreciate how easy you all made the material to understand and the catch phrases given throughout the text certainly helped me to remember the material in order to pass. Thank you again, we will continue to send agents your way as the need arises. Have a great day! Lindsay P
Lindsay P
Management / Allstate
April 23, 2017 I took the test on Saturday and “ I PASSED” Praise God. I took a course on line and I failed the test a few times, about to give up, then my friend who took your 2-day class in P&C told me and I’m glad I signed up. I will definitely recommend your 2-day classes. Thank you God Bless Maris G
Maria G
Sales and Service / Allstate
April 22, 2017 I just wanted to let you know, I took my test today & passed with an 84! Thank you for all your help. Karen
Karen S
Sales and Service
Please forward this to any and all that may be pleased to hear of your success. I would like to personally thank you for your passion and persistence in becoming a teacher. As I mentioned in class I have been in the same industry for over 18 years. Deciding to pursue a career change was one of the most difficult things that I have embarked upon. All of the animosity that came with enrolling, testing and licensing quickly dissipated after being in your class for just a few short hours. As a student your etiquette was professional, and the material you presented was applicable. I was pleasantly surprised by the way you engaged the attendants. Prior to this course I had absolutely no knowledge of insurance aside from what was "an option" with my company. After your class I am educated and informed on not only what is best for my future clients but more importantly what's in the best interest of my own family. It was a privilege to be in the course and I have the greatest of confidence that I will demonstrate the tools that I learned in the classroom on the test. I learned many years ago that "no test is hard, if you know the answers." I am prepared to do well on this exam because of your efforts outside the classroom and the amount of effort you spend on real world data (such as questions that were on exam a week ago.) I can only imagine that as an educator the greatest achievement is having a student tell you that what was done made a difference. And for me, I got confidence in my decision to change industry. Thank you. I look forward to the chance that our paths might cross again. Regards, Clifton Wright
Clifton Wright
Hi Gaylynn, I really enjoyed the class. I can say it really made a difference in how I understood the information and my confidence level was much higher. I took my P&C test Saturday and passed with an 84. Heather R
Heather R
Sales and Service / Farmers
I just took my test and passed!!! I wanted to tell u and Gaylynn, you're both awesome teachers.
Richelle J
Sales / American National
Hey David, I took my test yesterday and scored an 84. I'll be seeing you guys again for P&C, Thanks.
Chelsea S
Sales and Service / Farmers
David, Thank you so much for your time and the information. The class was informative and fun which is sometimes a hard combination to master. You were very helpful and that made the difference. Gaylynn was also good. I made 85 on my test and everyone said that was a good score especially for the first try. I am looking forward to my new adventure and hope to maybe run into you again. Thanks Jim E
Jim E
Sales / US Health Advisors
Just wanted to let you know Melissa passed her test! Your company has been awesome. Thank you! Brandy W
Brandy W
Sales and Management / Allstate
Forgot to email you last week, but I took my Life & Health test and I PASSED IT. Thank you for all the feedback you provided, very appreciated.
Brenda R
Sales and Service / Farmers
Just wanted to let you know I took the P&C test this past Saturday and passed with an 80. Thanks! Veronica
Veronica M
Service / State Farm
I was able to take my P&C test on Saturday scoring a 98%. I would like to Gaylynn for all the help getting ready for these test. Thank you Jason
Jason R
Sales and Service / Farmers
I passed! I got an 85. There were a couple questions that seemed to come out of nowhere, but by the end of the 1st section I'd only marked 20 questions to go back and review and out of those there was only 1 I realized I'd read backwards and changed my answer. Your helpful tips were invaluable. I wrote all those down and reviewed them before the test. I'm certain those crazy tips of yours was the difference between passing and panicking. Thanks for your class. It was worth every penny. Sincerely, Heather M
Heather M
Sales / US Health Advisors
Wanted to let you know w that I got a 91 on the test this morning. The class really helped a lot and there were a number of questions that looked almost identical to ones that we went over in class. Thanks for all the help. Regards, James M
James M
Sales / Merrill Lynch
I passed my exam. Thanks for the exceptional teaching. It paid off for me.
AShlee H
Sales and Service / State Farm - San Antonio Tx
Really excellent class David - professionally organized and very easy to follow the content . I breezed the exam this morning but it was in no small part thanks to your help! It was really interesting to get to learn the subtle differences between practices on either side of the pond. There was I lot I either did not know or made wrong assumptions about before I attended class. Thanks again and kindest regards Graham
Graham B
Sales / Lloyds of London
Good morning! The test was definitely difficult. It has a lot of tricky questions. I PASSED MY TEST!! Thank you so much for all of yours and Gaylynn's help, I'm so thankful for you two!
Meagan S
Sales and Service / Farmers
I really enjoyed being in class and did learn a lot! I'm glad to say that I passed the test the first time with an 80! Time to breathe lol.
John M.
Sales / State Farm
Thanks David. I took the test on Saturday and passed with a score of 91. Alvin
Alvin P
Sales / Farmers
I took the test this past Saturday and scored an 83. The combination of classroom, studying the guide and online practice exams, were very helpful. Thank you, Russ
Russ B
Sales / US Health Advisors
Good morning Gaylynn- The difficulty of the test, is my opinion was not very high. Mostly due to the fact that the information you taught was on the test. I also used the online practice test. Did that twice before entering to take the exam. I passed my exam. Thank you kindly for accepting me in your class. Kind Regards, Angelica
Angelica D
First off i just want to thank you for the class and reaching out to me and letting me know my score. The test was a bit difficult in some parts but 90% of what you taught me in class on yesterday was on there and it definitely helped out today. I am proud to say that i passed the test today with a score of 88... Guess you can say I had a hell of an instructor!!! Thanks again, Darrell
Sales / Final Expense Direct
I enjoyed being in your class and learning everything i now know. I had my exam today and passed it. Once Again, thanks for everything. Regards, Veronica
David, I honestly was sweating bullets the whole test because of their trickery with wording the questions, I was certain I had forgotten everything I learned and failed. After being released from the testing area by Pearson's CIA-Like security, I went to the front desk to get my results. As you predicted, the worker first gave me a blank stare before passing the results face down. To my surprise, I passed my exam the first time with an 81. I cant thank y'all enough for setting me up for success! Alex
Sales / US Health Advisors
Good morning David, you're classes are the best I have had. I took my P&C class with you and I passed my test, and now I have great news I passed my LIFE and Health test yesterday evening too. Everything that your teacher taught was on the test. Thank you so much may God blessed you tremendously.
Sales and Service / State Farm
I took the test yesterday evening and passed on my first attempt with an 80! I’ll take it! Thank you, Lucy
Sales and Service / State Farm
I took P & C and L & H class with you guys. I'm happy to report that I took and passed both of my exams. The classes were great and very helpful. Thank You, Jessica
Sales and Service / Farmers
Hi, David! I passed my test with an 80%. The class prepared me extremely well, and I look forward to taking the Life & Health class, next! I found the test to be somewhat difficult on the first portion, but the state laws part was exactly everything we covered in class. Thank you for your dedication in making it possible for inspiring agents to feel confident at test time! - Kelci
Sales / State Farm
After doing self study for P&C and then attending your class for L&H I will definitely be singing your praises and sending any potential hires your way!
CSR / State Farm
Hey David, I appreciate the feedback and bode of confidence. I'm happy to say I passed the test. I got an 89. I completed the test with over an hour remaining. I didn't have much trouble with the test at all. I have to give thanks to the help you gentlemen provided in the class. It really made the difference. I have horrible test anxiety, but thanks to the preparation and direction provided in your class, my anxiety was at a minimum. I really appreciate y'alls help and guidance. Respectfully, Ray
I wanted to let you know I passed my test on Monday with a score of 93. The test was structured very similar to how you run your class and am pleased to say your class was very helpful!
David is an incredible instructor. He has an ability to teach in a way that very few can do. The class is 100% worth it!
I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I highly recommend you read the materials provided before you take the class.
Debora Galmiche
Hi there! Thank y’all so much for making the class interesting and as fun as possible! I’m happy to say that I passed the test – I was hoping for a 100% but ended up with a 90%... I swear some of those questions have 2 right answers! Couldn’t have done it without y’all! Thanks again
Hi David and Brianna, Want to thank both of you for doing such a great job in teaching the P&C class this week! I passed my test today!!! Thank you, Angelica
Life and Health - passed first go! The class made the difference and I should have taken your advice and tested sooner. The more I reviewed, the broader I made the scope and it started to feel overwhelming. As you mentioned in class, the class narrows the scope of knowledge and makes it more manageable. Have a great day.
Good Morning! Happy Monday! I passed my exam Saturday!! 🙂 I just wanted to let you guys know & also thank you! When I took the exam, all the scenarios & examples that y'all give where all over the exam. The Texas State laws section went over everything we went over in class basically. 🙂 It's just the way they word the questions and answers that is so tricky! I hope to see you guys soon to take my life and health class. Thanks again for everything!!

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